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#17055 Ken & Baby Brother Tommy - European issue. 

I bought this set when I first spotted it on the shelf. A li'l boy!! And a wonderful li'l guy he is too with hair rooted on top of his head and the same formula bottle-mouth as the first Kelly-dolls. 

Tommy has a lever in his back so he can wave his arm. 

#17588 Big Brother Ken and Baby Brother Tommy AA.

WOW. That was my first thought when I finally got this set. An AA Tommy, and Ken with the Jamal-face. It's to die for. 

Tommy has lever in his back - see above. 

#18899 Dr Ken and Patient Tommy AA

A friend in USA bought this set for me. This Ken is a HUNK and Tommy is the cutest li'l guy with all his hair. I like it when he has lots and lots of curly hair. He got teeth in this set.

#26323 Swim Buddies Ken & Tommy

I finally got me a set of these cute guys. Ken is a brunet with a very nice suntan and Tommy features pointed feet in his swimfens.

#56710 Happy Family Alan & Ryan

Alan and Midge have a son! First edition Daddy Alan came in a set with his son in a stroller.

#56711 Happy Family Alan & Ryan AA

Same set as above but in a lightskinned ethnic version.

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