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#24639 Raggedy Ann & Andy

This is the first set in a new Collector Doll series with Kelly and/or Tommy in Classic Children's Literature. Here they are impersonating the famous American ragdolls that was invented in kids' stories in the beginning of the last century. 
This set is the only set that mentions the dolls actually are Kelly and Tommy. 

#28535 Hansel & Gretel

There is no mentioning on this box wether the kids are Tommy or Kelly. Both kids are made with the closed mouth mold. 


#29605 Goldilocks and the Three Bears

A honeyblonde li'l cutie in the home of the Three Bears. 


#52899 Little Red Riding Hood

A pretty li'l brunette with closed mouth - of course accompanied by the Wolf... (my daughter asked: "Mom, is that a wolf?? He looks like a grey lion!")

#57577 Alice & the Mad Hatter

Tommy has rooted grey hair!!


#55502 Mickey & Minnie

This is a Canadian release of the Mickey & Minnie Gift Set as you can see from the stickers etc.

These two kids are made with BLACK bodies under their clothes and they both have jet black hair and painted mouse noses. Kelly as Minnie is one of the cutest made!


#B2516 Wizard of Oz

The full Wizard of Oz crew was finally released with Kelly and her friends in the roles. A triplet of Tommy plays Tin Man (all metal painted!), Scare Crow and the Cowardly Lion with long ringlets.

Of course Dorothy has Toto in a basket, as should be. 


#B8951 Wizard of Oz

Kelly dolls as Glinda the Good Witch and The Wicked With of the West. Westie is all green!



#H1701 SpongeBob Squarepants, 2004

Tommy and Kelly as SpongeBob Squarepants and Patrick Star from the Nickelodeon Channel.


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