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#18717 Power Wheels Shelly & Tommy - European issue.

Shelly has a loose waist that makes her jump up and down when she gives Tommy a ride in her Jeep. This car moves by itself by pushing a button on the steering-wheel. The horn makes a sound and off they go. 

#18718 Power Wheels Kelly & Tommy AA.

See above for descriptions.


# Target Power Wheels Tommy & Kelly.

Tommy is driving his blue Jeep and has put Kelly in the back.

#54244 Kelly Dress Up Friends. TRU Exclusive.

Kelly and Liana are playing Dress Up. They can be a bride, a princess, a movie star or ballerina or anything else they can come up with.


#54245 Kelly Dress Up Friends AA. TRU Exclusive.

Kelly and Nia are playing Dress Up. Same clothes and accessories as above.


#22963 Kelly & Tommy Soccer Gift Set.

I really like this set - could have something to do with the fact that they are wearing the Swedish National colors of blue and yellow. Only, in Sweden we call it football - as the rest of Europe. Tommy looks like he has been on a sunny vacation somewhere - maybe to Malta for a Training Camp? The Swedish National Football Team used to go there for training. 


#B2143 Shelly Traum Club Video Geschenkset

Chelsie dressed as a Saphire Fairy and Shelly as a PrincessThey are stars along with Keeya in the video included which has two short episodes; "Sparkle Fairy Surprise" and "Three Princesses" - although this video is  German.

#B2147 Kelly Dream Club Video Giftset

Same Giftset as above but different item numbers. This set includes a CD instead of a video tape. I bought it with the intention of deboxing to see the video but when this arrived.... what is a girl to do?

#B0303 Kelly Dream Club Video Giftset

Keeya as a Princess and an Emerald Fairy. The AA set didn't have any Kelly at all, just Keeya in two versions. Reason for this is that the video shows the adventures of the three girls, Kelly, Chelsie and Keeya as they are  dreaming of being princesses and fairies.


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