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#19014 Easter Egg Hunt Barbie & Kelly Gift Set. 

This is the first easter-set from Target with the two sisters. They are dressed in springcolors of yellow and pink/white and Kelly wears bunny-ears. 

#21720 Easter Bunny Fun Gift Set. 

Barbie has the closed Mackie-face in this set and a lovely honeyblonde tone of her straight hair. Kelly has a closed mouth and purple lips. They wear matching dresses in springcolors. A cute stuffed bunny is included.  

#25791 Easter Egg Party Barbie & Kelly AA.

Barbie has the Asha facemold and Kelly has a cute smile in her bunny suit. These girls are very darkskinned.



#29328 Easter Garden Hunt Gift Set

Two gorgeous ladies in springdresses. 

# Happy Halloween Barbie & Kelly Gift Set

Target's first halloween-set with the two sisters. The are both very blonde and green-eyed and with orange lips. Kelly dressed as a very kute pumpkin followed by her bigger sis to go Trick or Treating. 

#23460 Halloween Fun Barbie & Kelly Gift Set

In this adorable set the two sisters are dressed as cats. Kelly has got red hair!! The one and only so far! 

#23461 Halloween Fun Barbie & Kelly AA Gift Set

Same as above (sans the description of red hair). 

#23796 Halloween Fun Li'l Friends of Kelly Gift Set.

Four li'l friends in the same box! Deidre is dressed as a butterfly, Jenny as a witch (and they both has teeth for the first time), Kayla is a princess and Tommy is a skeletton. They go Trick or Treating together and fill their bags with candy. 

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#22963 Kelly & Tommy Soccer Gift Set.

I really like this set - could have something to do with the fact that they are wearing the Swedish National colors of blue and yellow. Only, in Sweden we call it football - as the rest of Europe. Tommy looks like he has been on a sunny vacation somewhere - maybe to Malta for a Training Camp? The Swedish National Football Team used to go there for training. 


#27913 Valentine Friends Kelly & Marisa AA

This is a real surprise as the AA Kelly got company by a new girl, Marisa. Until now Marisa has been Hispanic only but here she's AA. 

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