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#15610 TRU Birthday Fun Kelly 

Kelly celebrates her Birthday with her big sister and her friend Chelsie. Both girls have the formula bottle-mouth in this set. 


#17242 TRU Gardening Fun Barbie & Kelly Gift Set

The sisters are dressed for a day in the garden. Kelly has got a pretty mintygreen color of her eyes. 

#19809 Holiday Sisters Gift Set 

Kelly celebrates Christmas with her sisters Barbie and Stacie. 


#23617 Holiday Sisters Gift Set 

Kelly celebrates Christmas with her sisters Barbie and Stacie. 


#14073 Traveling Sisters Gift Set

The Japanese version of the Traveling Sisters with Babs in a closed mouth. The regular version used the SuperStar-face. Otherwise they are the same. The sisters are adorable in their plaid scotty-prints combined with denim. Just lovely!

#15645 Winter Holiday Gift Set.

This is the second big Gift Set with the four sisters. This time their vacation is headed towards the mountains and they brought their white terrier KoKo too. 

#20221 Walt Disney World Resort Vacation Gift Set. 

This set features Barbie and Ken and their younger siblings Kelly and Tommy going to Disney World. Kelly wears the cutest Minnie Mouse-dress.  

#19625 Li'l Zoo Pals Gift Set - European issue.

As Skipper grew to almost her bigger sister's size she has disappeared from the sister gift sets. 
These girls are very pale in their makeup and Shelly has freckles. 

#29836 TRU Let's Camp gift set.

A lovely set with three light skinned AA girls out camping. Barbie, Stacie and Kelly.

#29337 TRU Let's Camp gift set.

The Caucasian version. Kelly has red hair!

#29348 TRU Skiing Vacation 

Kelly and her sisters is going on a winter vacation. Barbie, Stacie and Kelly.


# Pilot Barbie & Traveling Kelly& Tommy Gift Set

This set originally came with a huge airplane but I got my hands on the doll set and skipped the plane. It was sold at Sam's only. Tommy is a dark brunet in this set and has freckles!



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