European Li'l Friends of Shelly 1999

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#21638 Kayla (-98)

Kayla is playing Dress-Up and have her own vanity where she can look in the mirror when she is trying out her Mom's necklace and shoes. 

A compare with the US issued Dress Up Kayla and Deidre:


#21639 Chelsie (-98)

Chelsie rides her rockinghorse wishing it was the real thing. She is even dressed like a real Cowgirl. 

Chelsie has her signature red hair, green eyes and her lips are very red... 

Here you can see a compare with the US issues Cowgirl Chelsie and Deidre:

#21640 Jenny (-98)

Jenny comes with a tiny wagon filled with things that can make a li'l girl happy on a summer's day. 

Here is a compare with the US issue Playtime Nia:


Page 05

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