European Shelly and Li'l Friends

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Pony Riding Shelly - European issue (1998).

Shelly sits on a cardboard-horse in this set. There was that bigger set with her horse too, but I only bought this one. 
She is wearing tan pants and a darkblue 'velvet'vest with goldbuttons and white shirt (the sleeves are sewn-in).  

Pony Riding Shelly - second issue (1998).

Shelly have the same pants as last issue but is wearing a green 'felt'-vest with a zipper in front and a shortsleeved t-shirt. Actually they are just sewn-in sleeves. Her eyes are a shade of green and her lips are peach-colored. Otherwise she is the same as last year.


The back of the boxes are similar with a picture of the first issue Pony Riding Shelly.


Page 04

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