European Li'l Friends of Shelly 2000

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#24608 Shelly Club Jenny

Jenny is dressed like a Biker in this set and she comes with her tiny orange and yellow trike. She has a silver jacket and blue jeans on. Jenny's hair is the longest ever and her eyes are blue. She has got a beautiful smile with teeth and her lips are pink. 

A compare with the US issued Biker Baby Belinda can be seen here:


#24609 Shelly Club Kayla (1999).

Kayla is having a good time at the beach and brings her tiny beach-stol in bright baby-blue and yellow. She is very blonde and got the most beautiful green eyes!! Her lips are in a shade of bright candy-pink. She is soooo cute!! 

Here is a photo with her and the US issue Little Swimmer Marisa: 

#24610 Shelly Club Chelsie (1999)

Chelsie is baking cookies in the kitchen. She comes with lots of attires for baking. In this particular set you can see a rolling-pin on the tray but there are five different bakingdevices to choose from.
This girl is exactly the same as the Kelly Club Baker Chelsie but with extra accessories.  

Look here for a comparison between them:


Page 06

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