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On this page I want to show the first big boxed sets with Kelly/Shelly after her arrival in 1995.
At first glance the quality of the pictures is BAD, but if you click each one they lead to another, bigger and definitely better one.


#12489 Shelly - Cute Baby Sister of Barbie

Shelly/Kelly comes with her own crib and lots of accessories needed for the family baby. Extra diapers, a fancy dress and a pink PJ. Bottle, rattlers and other things. 

But the best of all - she smells of Baby Powder!

#13256 Kelly - Baby Sister of Barbie

AA version Kelly is bringing exactly the same accessories etc as her white counterpart.

#14552 Bathtime Fun Shelly. 

The second Shelly comes with her own bathtub that can really bubble! Shelly has a lever in the back that helps her splash the water to make bubbles. More bottles and watertoys, a towel and an extra pink playsuit with white lace. 

This girl also smells of Baby Powder. 

#14552 Bathtime Fun Shelly. 

Same doll as above, but this doll comes with a yellow trimmed bathrobe and towel.

#14553 Bathtime Fun Kelly. 

Black version of the kid with her bath tub. 
Same formulabottle-mouth as the first version.


#17589 Pool Fun Kelly

Kelly has teeth for the first time. This girl also have a lever in her back, but this time to splash water with her legs. She also has two friends that comes with a pool, Marisa and Chelsie. 

Go here to see more of these

This doll also comes in a caucasian version:

#16066 Potty Training Shelly - European issue. 

Shelly is going to the loo... The most adorable li'l toilet comes with this girl and her own roll of paper! The bottle in this set can be filled with water to let Shelly drink it and then you can push a tiny heart on her chest so she can pee. 
She comes with extra diapers (can be of use if the toilet is too far away) and a bag. 

This doll also comes in an AA version.

#22226 Tiny Steps Shelly - European issue.

Shelly walks! She has holes in her hands so she can hold her dollwagon and give her ragdoll a stroll. If you pull the wagon she follows it. 

#22227 Tiny Steps Kelly

See above for description. Kelly's AA ragdoll is the cutest!!

#B2823 Tiny Steps Kelly

A surprise showed up in some stores in 2003 when this girl appeared. Kelly has the same walking mechanism as the previous release and same doll, bear and wagon. But those are about the only things that are identical here. Dress is made from the same fabric but no pockets, no frilly lace around the neck and a bow added at the waist. The hat was omitted and so was the blanket and toys. Kelly is out for a walk instead of in her room.

#27282 Pet Lovin' Puppy Twins and Kelly

Kelly has two golden retreiver puppies and a house for them in this set. The doghouse can be either purple with yellow roof or as here the other way around; yellow with purple roof.

Kelly is very cute in pigtails. 

#27039 Love 'n Care Kelly

Kelly features a spotty face - she has got Chicken Pox! She is a cute blonde with pink dots and spots all over her face and she sits in her own new bed.

This doll also comes in an AA version.

#52885 Mermaid Fun Kelly

Kelly in this set has a special feature. She changes color of hair! Both version dolls (caucasian and AA) turns into a pink shade when getting warm (as in a "hot shower").

A picture of a loose AA version will come (and a better shot than this scan as soon as the weather allows)

#50306 Pretty Kitty Giftset.  

Kelly comes with her kitty Lily and a vanity for hair play

Well, do I need to say she's sweet as a pie?
Hope she'll eat it too!

These girls has a very lose head, which they can turn either against the spoon or away from it depending on wether she wants to eat her meal or not - there are magnets in the spoon.

Eatin' Fun Kelly

European issue
Eatin' Fun Shelly


More "just-Kelly" boxes on page 12

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