In 2012 the Fashionistas line got updated again and Summer got her new face. She is still smiling huge and wide but it is another face, a bit more ehh... less beachy? Someone said this face would have been perfect to use for Twilight Rosalie and it actually does look like the actress, Nikki Reed. But I also think she reminds of Jennifer Esposito. It's always fun to see what could be done with a doll - if one had the skills to do it. LOL!

In 2015 we got a lot of new Fashionistas. There was a huge variation in skintones and hair colors. What we didn't get, were names on the dolls. They were all numbered or referred to for their fashions. In Europe they didn't get the fashion name either, just a number, a la Basics. In Germany an ordering sheet with names on the dolls appeared and this girl below, #5, was named "Angie" on that sheet. Since she uses the already used Summer 2011 face I am not that stubborn to giving her a "name", so for me she can be a Barbie #5. Had she had her own sculpt I would be more reluctant. Well. With all that said...

Copyright: 2011



X2276 Fashionistas Summer, 2011
purse box, kid ring

 X7869 Fashionistas Summer, 2012
jewel box and purse, AppStore ad

BHV08 Style/Fashionistas Summer, 2013




CLN62 Fashionistas Barbie 5, 2014
Asst. BCN36

DYY97 Fashionistas 67 - Cactus Cutie, 2016
Asst. FBR37

FJF40 Fashionistas 75 - Lavendar Kiss, 2017
Asst. FBR37

FJF69 Fashionistas 84 - Happy Hued, 2017
Asst. FJF67

FXL49 Fashionistas 109 - (Curvy), 2018
Asst. FBR37

FXL58 Fashionistas 125 - (Curvy), 2018
Asst. FBR37




CKB63 Rock'n Royals Rayna, 2014
Asst. CKB60



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