Pazette was a high end collector doll designed by Stephen Burrows. Two different expensive collector dolls was made with this new ethnic face. Huge was the happiness among a lot of collectors when in 2013, the AA Holiday Barbie was made with the Pazette sculpt! I am not a huge fan of neither the Pazette nor her successor Alazne (who has a huge hole in her head, into which her huge head piece was stuck. *shaking head*). No, thank heavens for an "ordinairy" Barbie doll as the Holiday doll appeared. The Pazette sculpt has a slightly open mouth and quite a wide nose. She is gorgeous.

Copyright: 2011

X8272 2013 Holiday Barbie AA, 2013
Holiday Barbie celebrates their 25th Anniversary!



DGW31 Birthday Wishes Barbie, Hispanic
Doll belongs to Eva H

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Pazette Barbie, Alazne Barbie, Tribal Beauty

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