The Generation Girl/Fashionistas face of the 2000s got updated to get a closed mouth. In earlier years the Mackie face was used for closed mouth Barbie dolls, even in the playline but she is now mostly used for dolls in collector series and the playline got their own. As most of the fashionistas dolls, her head suffers from BHS (Big Head Syndrome). Eyes are as on most dolls of the new millennia, stickers and all are looking the same. And put wide between. She looks to have a very wide forehead due to this. OK; the eyes might not be as boring as some other dolls brands but you never get any varieties. They are the same same, all over. Some small colors changes but the overall look is the same same. Which is boring. Period. The highlights are the same two dots, lashes are all the same number and divided the same. Just subtle changes in the eyeshadow. Five blue eyed girls below and every one of them have the same blue iris sticker eyes, with different shadow colors. Not even the lip color is so different from one another. We have come far from the huge diversity from the nineties. The closed mouth dolls are more scarce than the open mouth smiling GG face.

Fashionistas, closed mouth
Copyright: 2010


W3898 Fashionistas Barbie, 2011
(jewel purse)

X2279 Fashionistas Barbie, 2012
(pet - poodle)


X7883 Glam Hair Barbie, 2012

X7884 Glam Hair Barbie, 2012
Now this could be Dreamhouse Skipper's bigger sister.

Y9928 Hairtastic Barbie, 2013?



DPP74 Made-to-Move Barbie, 2016



DVX91 'Signatur'/Basic Barbie, 2016
Asst. T7439


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