Knockoff Dolls

Other doll makers have made dolls that are very similar to Kelly and here I want to share a few that I have found...  

The first one is Susy Sister. She has no name as the bigger doll Evi. Just Susy Sister. So far I've seen seven or eight different girls - all blondes. They have the same facial features as Kelly/Shelly with her formula bottle mouth, same kind of coloring of the eyes of the first dolls. One color with two white dots. The hand molds are exact copies and so are all the limbs and the belly. The only thing that might differ is that the neck of the Susy-doll seems a bit shorter. The hair is either braided like this, or put up in a ponytail.


These girls could be twins...
Susy Sister and Potty Trainin' Shelly.
Here Susy Sister is wearing a pink flower print dress similar to the Kelly FA to the right.

I've seen Susy Sister in all three of the clothes from this FA-set. Copies that is. One has on the purple coat - naked under... Poor thing.

Note the shoes - they are exact copies.

Click here to see Susy Sister NRFB.


Here you can clearly see HOW alike they are - Susy Sister compared to LFoS Becky.

The only difference is that the Susy-doll is made of a softer vinyl, you can slightly bend her legs for instance (not to stay, no). 
The handmolds are exact the same and so are the round bellies. 


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