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Kelly/Shelly and her Li'l Friends are the absolute joy of my collection. Who cannot do other than fall in love with their lovely li'l faces?

This section shows each kid with their own page and each page is now divided for easier find of dolls of a special theme. First on each page is the regular pink box editions, then you have dividers putting them into groups of Fairy Tales, Holidays, Sepcial Editions and so forth. I have a feeling these page will NEVER be complete as dolls are released in a faster pace than I can get my hands on them (living in the parts of the world I do). But I share what I have as soon as I get them.... so.... Enjoy!

My dolls are not for sale. They are just show offs from my personal collection - otherwise noted.

Warning! Some of these pages takes a while to load... 
Each doll has a short description below her/his picture as I wanted so many pix as possible to load in the same screen.
Year listed next to box number and name on these pages is the year of copyright, not year of release.

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Kelly/Shelly Narrow boxed caucasian versions. 31 photos
Kelly AA The AA versions of the narrow boxes. 14 photos
Becky Darling little brunette.  3 photos
Belinda A darkhaired and fair skinned kid. 12 photos
Chelsie Redhead going on mustard with freckles 16 photos
Deidre  The first AA girl, usually dark skinned 23 photos
Desiree The fifth AA girl.  9 photos
Jenny/Julie Anything from Asian to redheaded 22 photos
Kayla Caucasian sand blonde  9 photos
Keeya All shades of her AA skin  11 photos
Kerstie A redhead, looking just like the old Jenny 3 photos
Liana/Tabitha A Caucasian honey blonde  12 photos
Lorena/Maura Redhead turning black haired 13 photos
Maria  A Hispanic li'l cutie  8 photos
Marisa/Susie  A li'l Hispanic/AA girl  11 photos
Melody/Susie From honey blonde to brunette 19 photos
Nia/Tamera  A light skinned AA girl  7 photos
Nikki  A platinum blonde girl.  5 photos
Tamika/Tabitha  A very dark skinned AA girl  7 photos
Tori  Redheaded cutie no pix yet
Tommy Ken's li'l brother 24 photos
Tommy AA Ken's li'l brother, the narrow box AA versions 6 photos
Ryan The second boy!! Brunet and freckles. 1 photo

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