Barbie's® girlfriends 

Page 3, Generation GirlsTM , Mystery SquadTM, Fairytopia™, Model of the Moment™

Here are and will be shown some series of dolls that are not actually part of the regular Barbie circle of friends even if Barbie is part of them herself.
Generation Girls, Mystery Squad etc.

There will also come a whole new set of three dolls in 2002/3 that resembles the Bratz Dolls in a way but I have decided I won't cover them here. I may get their shots on this side if pictures will be shared with me but not otherwise. At least for the time being. This will be another trendy series with a ton of friends and I just can't keep up with them as well. Their names are in 2002 / will be in 2003 Barbie©, Madison© & Shawnee©, Nolee and a new set of boys (yes BOYSSSS).

Page 1: Midge®, P.J.®, Stacey®, Jamie®, Steffie®, Kelley®.
Page 2: Tracy®, Diva®, Whitney®, Bopsy®, Kayla®, Tara Lynn®, Becky®, Melody®.
Page 3 (this one): Generation Girls™; Nichelle©, Lara©, Ana©, Chelsie©, Tori©, Mari© & Blaine©, Mystery Squad™; Kenzie©, Dawn© & Shawnee©Fairytopia™; Joybelle & Lenara, Model of the Moment™; Daria©, Marisa©, Nichelle©       

In 1999 this new bunch of girls entered the High Scool Scene. The new teen kids (not to be mixed up with Teen Skipper and her friends) had all new facemolds and came from all over the world.
Until 2001 they have appeared in three series (one per year) and in 2000 a guy joined them - Blaine. 

In Europe these girls have been seen with other names than the original - as well as the same names as in USA. Tori has been sold as Susie and/or xxx (forgot), Lara as Marie and later when Mari entered the school in USA she got the name Mariko in Europe and Ana has been seen as Marissa. 

I am having a hard time putting a name and mold to these girls as a few of them are quite alike but there are still things that differs between them. I need to debox and thoroughly examine them before I can tell if two or more share molds, if any.

See my Generation Girl page for more info... 

Generation Girl Ana

Ana comes from Central America.

First group. 

Ana/Lara headmold
Head markings 1998

Generation Girl Lara

Lara is of French origin.

Second Edition (in the clothes of the first)

Ana/Lara headmold
Head markings 1998

Generation Girl Tori

This girl is Australian.

Second Edition

Tori/Chelsie headmold
Head markings 1998

Generation Girl Chelsie

This gorgeous redhead comes from Great Britain..

First Edition

Tori/Chelsie headmold
Head markings 1998

Generation Girl Nichelle

A New Yorker.

First Edition

Asha headmold
Head markings 1990

Generation Girl Mari (or Mariko as this particular doll is a Euro version)

Mari is an Asian girl.

Group II

Mari headmold
Head markings 1998


Generation Girl Blaine

Blaine headmold
Head markings 1999

Mystery Squad is a group of four detective girls and Barbie got three new friends here, Kenzie, Drew and Shawnee.

Mystery Squad Kenzie

Kayla/Lea face mold
Her markings is 2000

Mystery Squad Drew

GG Tori/Chelsie face mold

Mystery Squad Shawnee

Asha face mold


Fairytopia™ brought two new fantasy friends to Barbie: Lenara and Joybelle. They have painted bodies and rooted eyelashes.


Barbie millenium face mold
Markings 2000

Pic from


Kayla/Lea face mold
Markings 2000

Pic from


Model of the Moment™ was released in 2004 and was three lovely ladies made of brand new head molds (and body molds!). I have no info on these molds at this moment (duh!). Don't know if I ever will get any of them either.


(I know a Russian woman named
Daria and this girl looks a bit Russian
to me :-) )


Pic from

Marisa looks slightly Latina.


Pic from

Nichelle (another reuse of names
here) is a beautiful black woman.


Pic from



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