I have been thinking about redoing this page and site for ages. So many people around the world have been relying on Kattis Dolls for a facial doll sculpt and identification. Since this site once was made, so many things have changed. Internet is faster, computers are bigger and most important of all, people can download pages and pictures faster now. Therefore I have decided to change some of the content of the whole site, but still keep the "old" site behind this one. Some changes are long overdue. My interest has changed through the passing of years but my passion for faces is still very much alive.
While trying to decide on how to proceed with the site makeover, I opened a blog (all in Swedish, since I never really kicked off the English one, even if it's slowly growing).

Kitty still is very much part of my doll world so she is integrated into the logo :)

But for now... Bare with me and hang in there and this site will hopefully be up and running in all its plain ol' glory soon enough. Mowahahahahahaa. <3

I have hopefully managed to fix broken picture links now. Thanks for any heads up of missing photos etc!



My dolls are not for sale. They are just show offs from my personal collection - otherwise noted.

I still don't consider myself a know-it-all on these matters but I share what I think I know.
I am still, after all these years the absolute Queen of Typo etc etc, so if you think there is something I need to change,
please let me know here
katti at kattisdolls.net and keep your fingers crossed I will find the time to actually read it.
You guys that know me (sort of) in private, also know I have a (just as private) facebook page.

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